Trivia LA Playoffs 2019

Join our four week contest in October 2019, when every one of our standard weekly games is a playoff game!

At the end of the month, if your team has finished among the highest scores added together from all four games, you’ll be invited to the Trivia LA Championship, with a $300 cash prize to the winning team and more prizes to top teams!

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Playoff Standings

 How to Join the Fun!

When: To compete in the playoffs, play our weekly games between September 28th and October 24th!

Where: You can play one weekly game at any location. If you play more than one game in a week, we will only add the first score from that week to your total.

How to play: Just show up to our weekly games and play! Nominate a Team Captain—someone to give us their e-mail address so we can contact you if qualify for the Championship game—use the same team name all month long, and check in with Chris or Lynn before the game you attend each week. We’ll take care of the rest!

The Championship Game!

When / Where: Angel City Brewery | Wednesday November 6th, 7:30pm

How to play: As mentioned above, we will only be inviting the top teams from the four week playoff to compete in the Trivia LA Championship!

 Playoff Rules

  1. Teams must register. Basically, we need to be able to accurately track your score across multiple weeks and we need a way to get in touch with you if you make it to the Trivia LA Championship!

    In week one, provide Chris or Lynn with your team name as you normally would for a game and also include an e-mail address. We will also accept phone numbers and the name of a team captain if you prefer.

    Once you’ve registered your team name, you must use that same name for the entire month long playoff for your scores to count!

    Each week after that, check in with Chris or Lynn by providing your team name and the e-mail you used to register. You can do this before the game or when you hand in your Round 1 answer sheet.

  2. One Game Per Week! We will only count one game’s score per week toward your total. If you play multiple games in the same week, we’ll only count the first one toward your score total (you also won’t be eligible for weekly prizes at those additional games anyway).

  3. No Cheating! It should be obvious, but if we catch teams doing anything that would harm the integrity of the competition, we reserve the right to disqualify them and anyone else involved. Basically, don’t collude with other teams to help get each other into the Championships and follow the usual rules during the weekly games and you’ll be fine!

  4. Team Size Limit - 8 Players. During playoffs, if you have more than 8 players on your team, we may allow your team to compete, however we may also choose to deduct points from your total or decide on other penalties for playing with 9 or more players. The team size limit at the Trivia LA Championship will be strictly held to 8 players. There is no minimum team size.

The Trivia LA Championship

Only teams invited to compete will be allowed to attend the championship. At this time, we’ve decided not to allow spectators or “just for fun” teams on the side, but we will be inviting a pretty good number of teams, so you have a great chance of qualifying!

The Trivia LA Championship game will be run as a standard Trivia LA game, (only the level of difficulty will be much higher than usual), so regular teams should be familiar with how it works. Some of the details may change for the championship to increase competition, but we will go over all of it before the game begins!

In general, all of the usual rules will apply: no shouting out answers, no cheating, no changing answers. Additionally, players will not be allowed to leave their table during rounds. Bathroom runs or drink refills will be allowed between rounds only. If a team member must leave the table for any reason during a round (while questions are still being asked or before all the answer sheets are in), they will not be allowed to rejoin their team until all answer sheets are collected for that round.

Because this is a championship game and teams are competing for a large 1st Place prize, we will also not be allowing cell phones or electronic devices of any kind. At the game, we will provide containers at each table where every player will be asked to leave their phone and any other electronic devices, including Apple Watches, until the conclusion of the game.

That said, we understand it is 2019 and phones are lifelines, so along with keeping the phones nearby and in view of each team (at the end of their tables), we will announce times when it is OK to check phones for missed calls and we will allow the use of a phone in the case of an emergency. We won’t require any proof of an emergency or anything like that, but the team member who must use their phone will be required to leave the room and will not be allowed to rejoin their team until the round is complete. We will only allow this once per game, per team. After the first time, it will be at our discretion whether or not to allow additional players who must leave to use their phone to rejoin their team. In other words, if your team has a lot of players who keep having to leave to talk on the phone, that’s a little suspicious, so at a certain point we may decide that anyone else who leaves won’t be allowed to come back and finish the game with you.

To recap:

  1. No Shouting Out Answers!

  2. No Cheating (phones must stay in your team bucket)!

  3. No Changing Answers!

  4. No Leaving Your Table During the Round!


Can I play alone?

Yes… we don’t recommend it, but we never require team size minimums. That said, if you play alone during the playoffs and you qualify for the Trivia LA Championship, you may not send a sub in your place for the championship. You are welcome to add players to your team (up to a total of 8), but you must attend the game too! Not to get too into the weeds philosophically, but otherwise, that’s not really the same “team” is it?

Is there a team size minimum?

No! Obviously you’re at a bit of a disadvantage if you play with three players instead of the full eight, but that’s up to you!

Do we have to pay to register / play?

Nope! Just like all of our standard weekly games, all Trivia LA Playoff games and the Trivia LA Championship is 100% free-to-play, and while bars tend to frown on teams that take up tables for two hours and don’t order any food and drinks, it’s not strictly required to play our game—in other words, “no purchase necessary”.

What about tickets for the Championship?

We know some other trivia games ask players to buy tickets to play in their tournaments and we may consider that in the future, but for 2019, we will not be asking you to put down any of your own money to play in our championship game!

That said, once we’ve sent out our invites at the end of the playoffs, we will ask teams to confirm attendance!

That may mean using a “free ticketing” system, just to get a clear expectation of which teams are coming so that we can extend invitations to more teams if some of our first invitations can’t make it, but it won’t cost you anything.

How many teams will qualify to play in the Trivia LA Championship?

This will depend partly on how many teams register and participate in the playoffs in October.

For now, we’re only saying that it will be by invitation only and we will choose from the top teams. That said, because it’s our inaugural playoff and championship, if you register and play, there’s a really good chance we’ll extend an invite to you and your team!

At minimum, we will invite 10 teams to play in the championship, but in the case of high demand and close scores across the rankings, we may extend that to as many as 25!

How will seating be decided?

Because we’re opening up the championship to a limited number of teams, seating will be first-come, first-served. That said, we have chosen a venue with ample seating, good acoustics, and clear eye-lines to the hosts. Even the team in the back of the room will be able to see and hear us clearly, it will just be a bit more of a jog to hand in answer sheets.

Can we swap out players?

Week to week during the playoffs, yes! You do not need to have the exact same group of players each week. In fact, your team may change entirely each week if that’s what you prefer to do.

However, as referenced above, at least one player on your team at the Trivia LA Championship must have played on your team at some point during the playoffs. We suggest that if you are going to have a lot of turnover each week among your team members, nominate a Team Captain who will be the person who provides their e-mail address when you register your team and who will 100% be in attendance at the Championship game, if you qualify!

It sounds absurd that eight people would show up and claim to be a team that none of them have ever played on, but if for some reason it happens and we cannot in any way verify that your team is who you say you are, we reserve the right to not allow you to compete.

During the Trivia LA Championship you may not bring “extra players”, spectators, or substitutes. Because our team size limit is 8, we think that’s more than enough space on a team to bring along anyone who would have been an extra or a sub anyway.

Have a question we didn’t address here? Contact us!

 Trivia LA Playoffs 2019 - Standings

Here are your playoff standings after week two! The Top Ten teams are guaranteed invitations to the Trivia LA Championship game! That means, after two weeks, the following teams are currently in position to play in the big prize game…

UPDATE: We’ve added a rule to the final score calculations—due to unexpected cancellations (permanently to our weekly Monday Games as well as being bumped in favor of some sports events). This obviously created an advantage for teams who regularly play at unaffected venues, so in the interest of fair competition, we have decided to only count the highest three scores from each team over the four week playoffs. So, if you play all four weeks, your lowest score will be dropped, but if you miss a week, you’ll still be able to get three games worth of scores added to your total!

1. Cream

2. Brendan’s Ex GF

3. Deekay Five

4. Check Yourself Before You Parks and Rec Yourself

5. Faucet Failure

6. We Googled It!

8. Aqua Force

9. Cham Clowder

10. 0 Days Sober

Wild Card Teams (AKA teams who will be sent invitations in case any of the top ten teams are unable to attend. We may extend additional invites and the total number of teams at the Championship may be more than 10.)

11. Happy Hands!

12. Baldoria Refugees

13. The Burnouts

14. The Dumb Lannisters

Complete Week Three Standings

2019 - Week 3 - Playoff Standings.jpg

Note: during playoffs, we are only breaking ties to determine who receives weekly prizes, so if you tied for first, second, or third in a weekly game and won the tie-breaker, you will still be listed as having the same point total for that week as the team you beat here.