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Trivia LA provides live trivia entertainment in the Los Angeles area for your favorite bar, brewery, or even your own backyard barbecue.

We believe everyone is an expert on something and we design our game to reflect that, asking questions ranging in difficulty across as many topics as we can fit into a couple hours!

Trivia LA is your new favorite pub quiz in Los Angeles!
We’re free to play, fun, and we’re your neighbor. Come join a game!

some private events may be ticketed and of course, most bars and restuarants kinda like it when you at least order fries and a drink


Trivia is about learning and loving this
wild world around us.
And having fun while doing it.

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Lynn Q. Yu is a writer from Orange County who recently appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and now knows exactly how many benches exist in New York City’s Central Park. Alongside being a host and player, Lynn is an avid trivia fanatic and has written extensively about the trivia community. She’s excited to show the city of Los Angeles her style of trivia, which involves more questions on hip hop music and the world and less questions on 60’s rock-and-roll and M*A*S*H. In her free time, she can be found slurping Sichuan noodles.

Chris O’Brien is an actor from Rhode Island who has been playing pub trivia for over ten years and hosting games for almost as long. His style of trivia focuses on writing tricky questions about stuff you’ve definitely heard of, so every game, you go home with a couple new fun facts about your favorite things in life! You may have seen him on TV as your Helpful Honda Guy, or a Sprint Guy, or maybe even a guy eating a Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwich. He’s been a lot of guys. His favorite is being a live trivia host guy.


Why Start a Trivia Company?

Trivia is, at its core, not an elitist pursuit. At least, it shouldn’t be. Trivia is about loving this world and wanting to know more about it, from the historically significant to the wonderfully mundane.

With the growth of live apps and quizzing sites, trivia is more accessible than ever now.

But the game was never meant to be played alone and on a phone.

So why start a trivia company?

Trivia is a way for all of us, young or old, human or dog, to participate in our knowledge of the world. Trivia incites discussion, reveals personalities, and fosters community.

We want to foster those communities, to facilitate weeknight socialization in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the United States. We’re excited to craft a trivia scene geared towards people of all backgrounds and to have a hand in growing LA’s social nightlife.  

We hope you’ll join us in re-thinking what it means to be an Angeleno and an American in the 21st century, and learning more about this wild world around us. Come chat. Come connect.