Why You Should Have Trivia LA at Your Next Event

Whether it’s a networking event, holiday party, company retreat, charity gala, or your child’s 7th birthday party, trivia is the perfect ice-breaking, team-building, competition-inducing activity. Here’s the breakdown:


We’ve all been awash with the shitty feeling of walking into a networking event — the immediate beeline for the open bar, the desire to get the hell out battling with the urge to stay for potential career connections.

The problem is that most networking events don’t have a means of facilitating socialization — by throwing a bunch of people in a room and providing cheese, crackers, and booze, event organizers hope for the best. And oftentimes, this works to great effect, but only after an hour of awkward mingling and nervous chatter.

We’ll rid of that awkward resistance for you. A trivia game facilitates socialization, putting strangers together on teams and bringing a focused activity for attendees to participate in. The questions from our hour-long private events game are designed to get networkers talking about their backgrounds and personalities.

Hire us for your networking event. It’ll break through the nervous chatter.


Trivia, when designed right, is a giant puzzle-solving opportunity for team building and high-stakes competition. And by “high stakes,” we mean whatever stakes you choose to invent.

Have us out for your company’s next happy hour or team-building event. It’ll provide endless office gossip — we couldn’t believe your CFO couldn’t identify the capital of Mexico either — and it’ll be more fun than that one time everyone was forced to do improv comedy.


Need entertainment for your annual company party? Trivia is an accessible game that everyone gets to participate in! And the risk for physical injury is pretty much non-existent.*

Hire us for your company’s holiday party. It’ll pair so well with that open bar.

*We are not liable for any trivia-induced brawling.


Trivia is a perfect event to have at your charity gala, a chance for patrons to play the game while also giving space between rounds for auctions and announcements. In fact, Trivia LA wrote the 2018 Trivia Bowl game for the Asian American Journalist Association’s annual fundraiser! (Here’s what they had to say about our efforts.)

Hire us for your charity gala. It’ll be a riot.


It’s never too soon to start training your child for Jeopardy! stardom or Who Wants to be a Millionaire Whiz Kids Week. We know we’ve been chatting a lot about alcohol (let’s be real, you’re sipping a vodka tonic at this kid’s party), but we can easily design a game for the whole family to participate in!

Hire us for your child’s 7th birthday party (or for your birthday for that matter). It’ll give you a chance to finally prove you’re smarter than a second grader.

We take all our trivia-writing seriously, whether it’s for the Met Gala or your child’s birthday.

We take all our trivia-writing seriously, whether it’s for the Met Gala or your child’s birthday.

But what if I suck at trivia? you wonder to yourself. What if everyone at my event sucks at trivia?

We’d like to dispel a few myths about trivia:

  • Trivia is just about memorizing facts

  • Trivia is hard

  • Trivia is that you thing you do on your phone

Trivia is NOT just about memorizing facts.

Trivia is knowledge + logic.

A poor trivia question would ask “On what date did D-Day occur?” This is mere fact and trivia like this promotes rote memorization. Donny, that guy on your team, is stumbling over himself to shout out the answer before anyone else gets a chance to open their mouths. (The answer, by the way, is June 6, 1944).

A more interesting question would ask “What are the five most congested cities in the US?” No team should know all five answers off the top of their head, unless they happened to read the same Fortune article we were looking at. But with this question, the team can apply their knowledge of the world and add in a bit of logic — what are major cities with heavy car-use, high urban density, and bad infrastructure? Now the question has become more of a puzzle that promotes discussion and argumentation, rather than memory recall. And everyone gets to complain about LA traffic on the side. (The answer, by the way, is Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Miami).

Trivia is NOT “hard.”

Trivia is hard if it’s all about asking for the 1955 Best Picture Oscar winner. Shut the fuck up Donny! (The answer is Marty, as was prominently featured in the 1994 Oscar-nominated Quiz Show).

But like we mentioned earlier, trivia is hard only if it’s designed that way. We’re not going to say that our trivia is “easy” either. We’re not going to ask how many sides make up a triangle because we’re going to assume y’all are generally familiar with basic shapes. We will design rounds to incite discussion, to give a chance to solve puzzles, to allow you to learn more about the world and the people you’re teamed up with. The point is to get you talking, not to make you feel bad about yourself.

Dispel your notions of “well I suck at trivia!” No one “sucks” at trivia. It all depends on what’s being asked.

Trivia is NOT just some game you play on your phone.

Trivia is a social activity — it’s not meant to be played on a Black Mirror-like app that unfolds with garish colors while a cringe-worthy host spews banalities at you. Besides, you’re only going to win 15 cents on that thing.

Trivia is meant to be played with other people, a game of team dynamics and social interactions, the only thing that allows you to put up with Donny. And yes, Donny is a reference to The Big Lebowski. If you didn’t get that reference, THAT’S OKAY! YOU CAN STILL EXCEL AT TRIVIA!

Lynn and Chris have had over a decade’s worth of experience playing, running, and writing trivia. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we know how to play a crowd. Come chat. Come connect.

Come play.

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