The Office Trivia Night at Limericks Tavern DTLA

Normally we have a weekly game here at Limericks Tavern in DTLA on Tuesday nights, but this week we took over the bar on a Monday night as well for some Flonkerton, a little Murder in Savannah, and plenty of Scrantonicity 2 for The Office Trivia Night!


Over 25 teams and well over 80 players came together and competed, laying down their encyclopedic knowledge of The Office to prove they deserved the yogurt lid gold medal and in the end, it came down to just a handful of questions!

As it tends to go at our theme nights, the first place winners only missed a couple questions the entire game! Of course, even teams in the lower rankings did amazing by any standard and as your host, I (Three Hole Punch Chris), was seriously impressed!

We also ended up with a four-way tie for second that we broke with a pair of bonus questions, including “On what date did Ryan and Kelly hook up for the first time?” and “In Dwight’s sales competition against the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website, what was his final score?” Could you have come up with the answers?

Congratulations to Roy’s Ex Girlfriend for coming out on top in the tie-breaker and big congratulations to The Team You Most Medium Suspect on the 1st place finish!

Here are some quick stats from the game—scroll down to see the final scores and a gallery of photos!

Hardest Question of the Game: It came from the picture round, where we asked teams to identify the characters who were played by well-known guest-stars! Almost everyone missed this one…


She only appeared in the series finale and she is played by Dakota Johnson, but many teams forgot that the name of the character is also just “Dakota”!

Easiest Question of the Game: This was a little harder to determine because there were a few that every single team got correct, but I think very few teams had to think hard about this one… In Season 2 during the Dundee awards, where does Pam feel god?

Chili’s - specifically “…in this Chili’s, tonight.”

Favorite Team Names:
Ed Truck’s Head

Most Points Per Capita (Best Smallest Team):
Knights of the Knight - 77 points (Only 2 Players and they finished in 3rd place!)

And finally, the top scores from The Office Trivia Night at Limericks DTLA!

  1. The Team You Most Medium Suspect - 80 Points (Only 4 points off a PERFECT SCORE for this game!)

  2. Roy’s Ex Girlfriend - 77 Points +++ (First place in the tie-breaker!)

  3. Knights of the Night - 77 Points ++ (Second place in the tie-breaker)

  4. OK Google, Hey Siri - 77 Points + (Third place in the tie-breaker)

  5. The Einsteins - 77 Points (Fourth place in the tie-breaker)

All Final Scores


Thanks so much to everyone for coming out and playing—we hope you had a great time and don’t forget, we’re at Limericks DTLA every Tuesday night at 7pm with weekly trivia! Come out and say hi soon!

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