January 2019 Newsletter

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Our First Public Games!

In January, we began hosting our first set of public games at Baldoria in Little Tokyo. On opening night, we had a standing-room only crowd, and on a recent MLK Jr. Day, we had a fully packed house singing along to early 2000s bops. We’re so thankful for our community of trivia regulars in Downtown/Arts District for coming out each week and making this dream company a reality. If you’re feeling major FOMO on our trivia nights, follow us @PlayTriviaLA on Instagram to catch our weekly recaps.

But really, the best way to cure that FOMO is to come out on a Monday night at 7:30 and play! Some of our biggest crowd-pleaser questions from opening month include:

  1. In an iconic scene from Mean Girls, Karen says she has a fifth sense. It’s like she has ESPN or something. According to Karen, what part of her knows when it’s going to rain? Or at least, when it is raining.

  2. This month, the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office served a cease and desist order to all three companies for recklessly operating throughout the city. And while governments are now considering X-specific laws, the masses have taken matters into their own hands—by destroying, pooping on, and vandalizing them.” What is X?

  3. In 2009, Sports Illustrated named their athletes of the decade. The female athlete of the 2000s is arguably still the female athlete of this decade. The male athlete of the 2000s would take a break from his sport after a widely publicized personal scandal. Name both.

  4. What Italian word meaning “revelry” is used to indicate a big party?

Answers: Breasts; Electric Scooters; Serena Williams and Tiger Woods; Baldoria (This was a troll question. A large sign on the wall of the restaurant spells out “revelry”)

And some of our biggest crowd stumpers include:

  1. Over half of this country's population are of Muslim faith and the rest are Christians, but of the diaspora, Christians outnumber Muslims by 3:1. Much of the this country’s emigration occurred due to the 1975-1990 civil war. Name the country.

  2. Since 2000, who is the only major party presidential candidate to receive fewer than 200 electoral votes?

  3. What LA County city earned its name because it was the site of the second Standard Oil refinery on the West Coast?

  4. In 1992, during the Super Bowl halftime show, 22 million viewers switched over to watch another TV show instead. The NFL noticed, and the following year they booked Michael Jackson for its halftime show, thus birthing the modern halftime spectacle. What show, wildly popular from 1990 to 1994, did all those viewers switch over to watch?

Answers: Lebanon; John McCain; El Segundo; In Living Color

New Game Coming to USC!

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We’ll be taking over Rock & Reilley’s in USC Village on Thursday nights starting in February! Come play.

If you’re looking for a trivia night at your company happy hour or corporate event, shoot us an email at playtriviala@gmail.com!

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