February 2019 Newsletter

February Recap

There is such much news to fill February! We started two new shows: Tuesdays at Limerick’s Tavern in DTLA (7:00) and Thursdays at Rock N Reilley’s at USC Village (6:00). We put on a joint game at Orccon, a massive gaming convention. We hosted a birthday party, a corporate night, and a standing room only President’s Day Oscars event. To top it all off, we have even more great events lined up for March!

Some of our February crowd-pleaser questions:

  1. What El Salvadoran dish is made of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling?

  2. What best-selling book series, which would go on to spawn its own film franchise, originally began as Twilight fan fiction?

  3. This Spanish word meaning “sorrows” is also a woman’s name. It is taken from a Roman Catholic epithet, Maria de los BLANK, or the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows. A professor at Hogwarts shares this name.

4 by 6 - Limericks.jpg

Answers: Pupusas; 50 Shades of Grey; Dolores (Umbridge)

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And some of our biggest crowd-stumpers from the month of February:

  1. “A game shall be won by the player first scoring 11 points unless both players score 10 points, when the game shall be won by the first player subsequently gaining a lead of 2 points. A match shall consist of the best of any odd number of games. In competition play, matches are typically best of five or seven games.” What Olympic sport is being described here?

  2. Ackee is a nutritious fruit that, when boiled, resembles scrambled eggs. Boiled ackee is often sauteed with saltfish, onions, and tomatoes and served with fried plantains. Despite its origins as slave food, ackee and saltfish has become the national dish of what island country?

  3. What short-lived third party in the United States was active in the 1848 and 1852 elections? Its name is derived from the single-issue the party was concerned with, namely, opposing the expansion of slavery into the Western territories.

Answers: Table tennis; Jamaica; Free Soil Party

Upcoming Events

Here’s what we got coming up in March! Come out and play!

All are welcome to this event! Get your tickets  here . Ticket price includes a full dinner and beverage!

All are welcome to this event! Get your tickets here. Ticket price includes a full dinner and beverage!

If you’re looking for a trivia night at your company happy hour or corporate event, shoot us an email at playtriviala@gmail.com!

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