May and June 2019 Newsletter

The Company Continues to Grow!

Just like that, Trivia LA has passed its sixth month mark! The other night, a newcomer at one of our games commented, “it seems like you’ve been around for a while.” In fact, we’re still a baby company, but we love what we do, and we’re glad we give off the impression we’ve been doing it for a long time! Here are some highlights from the last two months:

Game of Thrones Ends Its Season to Great Disappointment; Trivia LA asks questions about it

In May, we hosted a Game of Thrones themed night at The Mermaid Bar in Little Tokyo - it turns out that the sound designer for the show was on the winning team, as well as the woman who provides the screams for Ned Umber’s death. This is the closest we’ll get to a celebrity trivia sighting! In June, we ran another Game of Thrones night at Limerick’s DTLA, our first ever theme night for the Irish pub downtown!

Trivia LA takes the Bay

In May, we traveled to the Bay Area for two private games - one with Stanford Research Clinic and one with Rally SF. Some of our favorite Bay Area specific questions included:

The name of what city in Santa Clara County comes from the Mexican Spanish word for “cornfields”?

What Central American capital share its name with the third most populous city in California?

Answers: Milpitas; San Jose

Stars Wars, Marvel - what’s next, Gilmore Girls?!

As always, our nights at Angel City are a blast. In May we hosted a Star Wars night, forcing Lynn to watch episodes IV-VI for the first time ever. In June we hosted a Marvel Cinematic Universe night, forcing Lynn and Chris to regrettably watch The Incredible Hulk for the first time ever. In July we’ll be running a Gilmore Girls night, for which Lynn will have to binge through all seven seasons of the show in preparation. Wish her godspeed.

Pride Month Love

Trivia LA got to cavort around town, hosting at City Club in DTLA, hosting a private fundraiser game at a law firm in DTLA, and subbing for our friends LABS Trivia over at One Colorado Square in Pasadena. In June, we celebrated with some Pride-themed questions. Here are some of our favorites:

After developing a relationship during a summer in Italy, Oliver asks Elio to do what, a phrase that is both the film and the novel’s title?

In February 2019, what country became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in Asia?

Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Jonathan Van Ness make up the current iteration of what group?

What novel by Virginia Woolf follows a poet who changes sex from a man to a woman? The title of the novel shares its name with a Florida city.

Answers: Call Me By Your Name; Taiwan; Fab Five; Orlando

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