FRIENDS Trivia Night at Limericks DTLA

This week, along with our usual Tuesday night game, we also took over Limericks Tavern DTLA for a night of themed trivia, all about FRIENDS! Keep reading to see how “The One with the Trivia Night” all unfolded.

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Honestly, going into this FRIENDS themed game, your host was a little nervous. It’s been a while since he’s seen the show and honestly, in the trivia world, the rumor is that superfans of FRIENDS are the super-est of the superfans of just about anything. And you all proved it tonight, because we saw our first ever PERFECT GAME at one of our theme nights!

Over twenty teams competed in this one and it was a tight game throughout, but The Transponsters made Trivia LA history, becoming the first team to ever complete one of our theme games with a flawless victory. They did not miss one question all night long and that was out of 55+ questions over 6 rounds!

Of course, many other teams had incredible games and it was really impressive to see a couple of smaller two-person teams make it to the top of the standings! Thank you all for coming out, for your patience on a couple of flubs (I was having a slightly off-night, but you all were very generous to me!), and for an amazing game. Read on to see some quick stats from the game…

Hardest Question of the Game: The only question asked all night long that wasn’t pulled directly from an episode was our Round 1, “current events” question. The question that stumped a good handful of teams was… When Friends leaves Netflix in 2020, what new-ish streaming service from AT&T and Warner Media will be the entire series’ new home?

HBO MAX - which is planned to be a super app that combines all the content of HBO GO and HBO NOW with all the newly acquired shows like FRIENDS.

Though, a close runner up was this question. In Season 8, in what town “on the island” do Ross and Monica’s parents have their 35th Anniversary, where Monica is determined to make everyone cry with her speech?

Massapequa (we did not withhold points for spelling)

Easiest Question of the Game: It felt like it wouldn’t be FRIENDS trivia if I didn’t ask… What was the name of the song Phoebe wrote and performed that appears in multiple episodes, which is eventually revealed to have the same melody as a lullaby her dad used to sing to her?

Smelly Cat - which of course was way too easy for all you FRIENDS fans, especially during a round themed for animals!

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Favorite Team Names:
They don't know we know they know we know they know
I KNOW (Monica Voice)

Best Dressed: Every now and then at theme nights, we award bonus prizes for our favorite team names or to teams who show a lot of team and theme spirit by dressing up. This game, a two person team both put on their favorite Rachel outfits—so well done and subtle I almost didn’t notice—and they looked great!

Congratulations to Gladys and Glynnis!

And finally, your top scores from FRIENDS: The One with the Trivia Night at Limericks Tavern DTLA:

  1. The Transponsters - 66 Points (A PERFECT GAME!)

  2. The Smelly Cats - 65+ Points (Won the tie-breaker for 2nd)

  3. The Chanandler BONGS - 65 Points

  4. Big Fat Goalie - 64+ Points (Won the tie-breaker for 4th)

  5. The One Where We Win - 64 Points

All Final Scores

2019-08-29 - Limericks DTLA Friends Scoresheet.jpg

And here are a few pictures from the night!


Thanks again to everyone for coming out and playing—we hope you had a great time and don’t forget, we’re at Limericks DTLA every Tuesday night at 7pm with weekly trivia! Bring your five best life-long friends out and play a game together… I wouldn’t bet your apartment on the outcome though.

Follow us @PlayTriviaLA on instagram, twitter, and especially facebook to find out when the next big theme night will be! We also have weekly games every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night and you can join our e-mail list to be the first to know about new weekly games and upcoming theme games—we promise not to send more than a couple e-mails each month!

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