Gilmore Girls Trivia Night at Angel City Brewery

Trivia LA ran our very own Stars Hollow Town Meeting in the Beer Hall at Angel City Brewery on July 17th, 2019 and the competition was as hot as the room. the game also pushed to break some Trivia LA records, as 43 teams and well over 150 players competed for Gilmore glory!

One of the hardest questions of the night came during Round 5, which was all about those infamous Gilmore Girls pop-culture references. The question asked teams to identify what was being referenced in the following quote…

(From Season 6, Episode 18)

Luke: Shatsworth, Fatworth. Alvarado, avocado.
April: And those are your fellow Grups.

What does “Grups” reference? (The answer will be revealed at the end of this post!)

Thank you so much to every team that came out and played. It was a seriously challenging game and you all impressed us so much with your deep knowledge of Gilmore Girls! Congratulations especially to the top teams who went home with prizes, as well as our favorite team names from the evening, “Only Prostitutes Drink 2 Glasses of Wine With Lunch” and “A Team by Kirk”.

We had 43 teams participate and the top spots went to…

  1. Al’s Pancake Girls - 62 pts (Only missed two questions THE WHOLE GAME)

  2. 22.8 Miles - 61+++ pts (The +++ means they won a three-way tie-breaker for 2nd place!)

  3. The Squeegee Beckenheims - 61++ pts (The ++ means they were the next tie-breaker for 2nd!)

  4. The Wiffin Poofs - 61+ pts (They had also been tied for 2nd!)

  5. The Forbidden Fjords - 60+ pts (They beat out a two-way tie for 5th!)

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Answer to the hardest question of the night: “Grups” is a reference to the original Star Trek series. When Luke doesn’t immediately recognize it, April says he must not have watched the show. Of course, we know he did because it is mentioned in earlier episodes that Luke was a huge Trekkie/Trekker and when he was young, had a Star Trek t-shirt that he wore constantly!