Game of Thrones Trivia Night at Angel City Brewery

Thank you so much to everyone who made it out to this game—you made the night a huge hit and made sure that this became a regular thing!


The game was close for most of the night, especially at the top of the standings where first place came down to a tie breaker. In the end, That’s So 3 Eyed Raven took the the last point and the win over the leaders for most of the night, A Team Has No Name!

Some of our favorite team names included: Knights of the Ale, Heart of Starkness, Get Rich or Die Tywin, and House Umber-Ella Ella Ella! Awesome job on those everyone!

Final Scores:

  1. That’s So Three Eyed Raven - 64pts

  2. A Team Has No Name - 63pts

  3. Goldberg Had No Name - 62pts

Theme Game RecapLynn Yu