Game of Thrones Trivia Night at Limericks DTLA

It was our first ever theme night at the best Irish Pub downtown and a great time was had by all as we traversed Westeros in six challenging rounds of trivia!


We are usually at Limericks DTLA every Tuesday at 7pm, but we’ll be adding special theme games like this every now and then, so make sure to like and follow us wherever you social media to keep up with when and where we’ll be doing a special theme night next!

Thanks to everyone who came out and joined in, congratulations to the winners, and see you all again soon!

  1. LeBron of the Blackwater - 60pts

  2. MarTELL Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want - 57pts

  3. ARYA Ready 4 This? - 41pts

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