Harry Potter Brunch at Rock & Reilly's USC

What a game! On Sunday, July 21st Trivia LA took over Rock & Reilly’s at the USC Village for an afternoon of brunch, broomsticks, and butterbeer as over 35 teams dueled it out to be the top Wizarding World trivia team!

01 - 1st place.JPG

Every team played an amazing game, but by the end, the top two teams only missed a combined two questions, and even the third place team only missed 5 out of 63 questions! That’s incredible. At Trivia LA, we do our best to make our theme games both challenging and fun and we’re always seriously impressed at how knowledgeable all of you are!

Here are some quick stats from the game—scroll down to see the final scores and a gallery of photos!

Hardest Question of the Game: Near the start of the movie adaptation of Prisoner of Azkaban, an unknown wizard at the Leaky Cauldron is prominently featured reading a famous real-life book by a famous real life scientist, the title of which foreshadows events at the climax of the story. What book is he reading?

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

Easiest Round of the Game (most perfect scores) - Round 4, List Round: In Chapter 5 of The Deathly Hallows, during the “Battle of the Seven Potters”, six members of The Order of the Phoenix take polyjuice potion to disguise themselves as Harry, then the “seven Harrys” each join a companion and fly toward a different safehouse, in an attempt to get Harry safely to the Burrow before his 17th birthday. Other than Harry Potter himself, for a point each, list all 13 members of the Order of the Phoenix, who participated in this escape and battle!

Mundungus Fletcher
- Alastor Moody

- (Harry)

Hermione Granger            
- Kingsley Shacklebolt

George Weasley                 
- Remus Lupin

Ron Weasley                          
- Tonks

Fleur Delacour                   
- Bill Weasley

Arthur Weasley
- Fred Weasley

Favorite Team Names:
The Harry Putas
Chris: Snitches Get Stitches

Best Dressed Teams:
Swish and Flick
Victor Krum Fan Club

Most Points per Capita (best one-person team):
The Chosen One - 52 Points

And finally, the top scores from Harry Potter and the Trivia Brunch at Rock & Reilly’s USC…

  1. The Dumbledorks - 72 Points (Successful final round Double OR Nothing! 1 point short of PERFECT!)

  2. Gryffindor Slytherin and Hufflepuff Walk into a Bar - 62 Points

  3. Swish and Flick - 58 Points

  4. The Up To No Gooders - 57 Points

  5. Dumbledore’s Army - 56 Points

All Final Scores


Congratulations to everyone and thank you all so much for coming out and playing! We hope to see you again soon—don’t forget, we have four weekly games every week, including Thursdays at 6pm, at Rock & Reilly’s USC! See you then!

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