Harry Potter and the Trivia Night at Limericks Alhambra

Usually we have our weekly game of fun general-knowledge trivia on Wednesday nights here at Limericks Tavern in Alhambra, but this week, we changed things up with a very special Harry Potter trivia night! The place was packed and it was standing-room only at game time and by the end, we had only our second perfect score ever at one of our theme games!


We’ve had a few Harry Potter games now and honestly, they’re so fun and popular, we’ve seriously considered becoming a company that exclusively runs Harry Potter theme games! (We’re not going to do that… not yet anyway.) Harry Potter and the Trivia Night at Limericks Alhambra was no different!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and played! It was a popular night and you all were so impressive, not to mention committed—we know a few of you had to start the game standing! Thanks so much for working with us as we found seats and tables for everyone to play.

Twenty-one teams competed for the Tri(via)-Wizard Cup and from top to bottom, teams put up impressive scores! In fact, even the 10th place team only missed about one question per round all the way through. At the end of the final round, Founders Walk into a Bar became only the second team ever to play a perfect game at one of our theme nights!

We also had a birthday at the game (as it turned out, we had a birthday at every game this week—you Virgos love trivia!), so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dumb and Dumbledore who also happened to finish in 2nd place!

Keep reading for some fun stats, complete final scores, and a few pictures…

Hardest Question of the Game: The hardest question this time around came from Round 3 when we asked teams to identify who was speaking in each quote from the books. From Prisoner of Azkaban - “You look in excellent health to me Potter, so you will excuse me if I don’t let you off homework today. I assure you that if you die, you need not hand it in.”

Professor McGonagall - though the most common wrong answer was Snape, and honestly, it sounds a lot like his brand of sass.

Also tied for the hardest question of the game… What magical creature that are supposed to be mischievous thieves does Luna Lovegood believe often infest mistletoe?


Easiest Question of the Game: Because there are usually a few questions that every team gets right in these games, the easiest question can be hard to determine. In this game, it was, without question, was our Round 4 list round, which asked teams to list any 10 of the 13 members of the Order of the Phoenix (aside from Harry himself) who participated in “The Battle of the Seven Potters”, either as a Harry decoy or a companion. We won’t list all the answers to that round here, but you can find it at the Harry Potter Wiki.

Almost every team got a perfect 10/10. How many can you get?

Favorite Team Names:
Accio Table
MimOHsa not MimoSAAAA

Most Points per Capita (Best Smallest Team):
Hallows - in fact, these was a two player team who were complete strangers! They came out as solo players and decided to join forces. That’s what Trivia night is all about, so a special congratulations to them on finishing with 57 points in fourth place!

And finally, your top scores from Harry Potter and the Trivia Night at Limericks Tavern Alhambra:

  1. Founders Walk into a Bar - 69 Points (Nice! A PERFECT GAME!)

  2. Dumb and Dumbledore - 67 Points

  3. LA Marauders - 58 Points

  4. Hallows - 57 Points (Two player team!)

  5. Team Frank - 52 Points

All Final Scores

2019-09-04 Limericks Alhambra Harry Potter SCORESHEEt.jpg

And here’s a few photos from the fun!


Thanks again to everyone for coming out and playing—we hope you had a great time and don’t forget, we’re at Limericks Alhambra every Wednesday night at 7pm with weekly trivia! Bring your personal group of marauders out and play a game together soon!

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