MCU Trivia night at Angel City Brewery!

On June 19th, 2019 Trivia LA once again took over the beer hall at Angel City Brewery in the Los Angeles Arts District and it was another huge, fun night of trivia, general nerdery, and lots of prizes!

One of the hardest questions of the night asked teams to figure out if a picture of the Human Torch from a past Fantastic Four movie was the MCU’s Chris Evans or Michael B. Jordan in an earlier (non MCU) Marvel role. Of course our top teams figured it out!

Congratulations to all the teams who took home prizes including the teams with our favorite team names “Hold the Thor” and “Bucky with the Good Hair”! We had 27 teams participate and the top spots went to…

  1. Hulk Smashed - 63 pts (Only missed one question THE ENTIRE GAME!!!)

  2. The Revengers - 60+ pts (The + means they won the tie-breaker for 2nd place!)

  3. Captain Boots and Princess Pea - 60 pts (Only a TWO PERSON team! Wow!)

  4. Loki Winners, High-key Alcoholics - 59++ pts (They beat out a four-way tie for 4th!)

  5. Ty Burrel’s Character - 59+ pts (Second closest on the tie-breaker in the four-way tie for 4th!)

Check out the slideshow gallery of pictures from the fun and follow us @PlayTriviaLA on instagram, twitter, and especially facebook to find out when the next big theme night will be! We also have weekly games every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and played a fun game of pub quiz style Marvel Cinematic Universe themed team trivia! See you all at another one soon!

- Chris and Lynn