Star Wars Trivia Night at Angel City Brewery

This month’s theme was Star Wars trivia and it was another impressive (most, impressive) turnout of incredibly strong teams!


Once again the top teams only missed a handful of questions and in the end, it came down to who could come up with answers on the hardest of the hardest questions! The winning team ended up missing only THREE questions all night long! Congratulations to I hate myself almost as much as I hate Rian Johnson, though we strongly disagree about him and The Last Jedi !

Your final scores…

  1. I Hate Myself Almost As Much As I Hate Rian Johnson - 63 points

  2. Revenge of the Earless Gundarks - 59 points

  3. Let Qui-Gons Be Qui-Gons - 53 points

  4. The 502nd - 52pts

  5. We Have a Bad Feeling About This - 51pts

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