The Office: A Trivia Night at Angel City Brewery

After a month away, we came back with a vengeance with The Office trivia night in the beer hall at Angel City Brewery and honestly, we barely all fit in there! Over seventy teams came out and played this one and easily more than 300 people, answering questions about Sprinkles the cat, who Dwight most medium suspected, and whether or not Stanley has a mustache! And you all did incredible!

crowd 1.jpg

This was also our hardest game of trivia we have ever written. After our last two theme nights (Friends and Harry Potter) both had winners with perfect scores, we knew we had to step things up and increase the level of difficulty on this one and we were not wrong! First place ended up only missing two questions in the entire game and teams as low as 15th place only missed a few more than that!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and played this one. We’ve never had such a huge group of teams, but you were all amazing to host for and we appreciate how enthusiastic, cool, and of course, knowledgeable you all were! I mean, when most teams are getting a lot of question right, that makes those answer sheets much easier to score.

We’ll definitely be doing another night of The Office trivia early next year (if not sooner!), so keep a look out for announcements about that. For now, keep reading for some fun stats, a few pictures, and the final scores!

Hardest Question of the Game: As it often happens, the hardest question in the game ended up coming from the final round. From Season 9 “Andy’s Ancestry” – As part of a prank, Randall Park plays an actor friend of Jim and Pam who pretends to be Jim. AKA “Asian Jim,” what’s the character’s real (first) name?

Steve - Pam specifically mentions this in a talking head!

Also a close second for the hardest question of the game… From Season 3 “The Negotiation” What is the rhyming “black man” phrase that Darryl has taught to Michael to pump him up for his negotiations with Jan for a raise at corporate?

            pippity poppity, give me the zoppity - and teams came extremely close on this one!

Easiest Question of the Game: Because there are usually a few questions that every team gets right in these games, the easiest question can be hard to determine but in this one, pretty much every team knew this… In Season 5, at the beginning of the episode “Casual Friday”, what dish has Kevin made and brought to the office in a giant pot, which he then spills all over the carpet?

            Chili - Kevin’s FAMOUS Chili. The trick is to undercook the onions.

Favorite Team Names:
Ass Turd
Threat Level 3pm

And finally, your top scores from Harry Potter and the Trivia Night at Limericks Tavern Alhambra:

  1. Kevin and the Zits - 66 Points (Only two points short of perfect!)

  2. What is We’re Fine - 65+ Points (Won the tie-breaker for 2nd!)

  3. The Michael Scott Trivia Company - 65 Points

  4. Kevin’s Chili - 64 Points

And many teams finished at 5th place with 63 points, so that brings us to…

All Final Scores


And a few photos from all the fun!

Lynn Yu